What difference would it make to your career if you learned simple techniques for standing confidently in front of anyone and delivering your message powerfully?

Develop Your Networking Skills

Experience a break through in your ability to communicate by hacking your mind and body for confidence and learn how to engage someone’s attention through emotional influence. All good communication starts with your ability to effectively engage someone’s interest in a one on one situation.



This coaching program lifts you step by step using Paul Finn’s powerful framework for teaching one on one or in groups.

The framework is powerful in delivering results quickly, it enables people to instantly boost confidence and harness nervousness when needed using simple techniques.

These techniques have the power to improve how your networking skills, presentation skills, talking to a camera or being interviewed. It will change how people see you and your business.

Many believe that only certain people are born with confidence, and if they’re not confident then that’s just how it is. However, confidence is like a muscle. Confidence can be strengthened with simple techniques and practice.

It’s a classic case of re-framing your understanding of how communication works.

Paul brings together lessons learned in live music performance, print media, national campaigns, content marketing and networking. These lessons give you simple techniques that will radically change how you communicate and influence others.

Paul Finn – Networking Coach

“For me, nervousness and social anxiety never actually went away. Some people told me to just get over it, but that didn’t work. I needed a new way of thinking and very powerful tools to help me be on my game when I step in front of important people or large audiences.”

What if you could…

  • Influence people without saying a word? 
  • Have more of the right people interested in what you do instantly? 
  • Have the confidence to stand in front of 1000s and deliver powerfully? 
  • Know how to position yourself as valuable with minimal effort? 
  • Harness the power of nervousness to lift your performance instead of destroying you? 
  • Know the right things to say when networking with important people?

You can and it’s easier then you might think!


Our Brains Want to Keep us Safe

You know the feeling… You’re standing in front of someone important at a networking event or you have to walk on stage, but all you want to do is run away?

It’s because part of our brain, the part that is more primitive and known as our reptilian brain is constantly scanning for danger. If we feel uncomfortable, we are triggered to be ready to fight or flee.

The trick is to make the uncomfortable comfortable. This is not always an easy task, as it requires you to embrace something that makes you nervous.

There is no silver bullet that will make this go away, and that’s why Paul developed 9 mind and body hacks overcoming nervousness and social anxiety, plus a strategy for knowing what to say when you’re in of important people or large audiences.

9 Body and Mind HACKS for Confidence



When you are faced with something that scares you, deciding and taking action regardless is like punching fear in the nose. It won’t take it down, but it will give you a boost of confidence.



Standing in a high power pose for 2 minutes boosts testosterone and lowers cortisol. Inversely, standing in a low power pose for 2 minutes boosts cortisol and lower testosterone. It is not unusual to have difficulty thinking and processing, “going blank” when cortisol is interfering with brain activity.



The simplest way to stay grounded is to focus on your breath. Breathe in for a count of 4, breathe out for a count of 8.



You are not your mind, but the awareness of your mind. You are in control always, even if you’re mind is running like crazy. Take the reigns and command your mind to stop.



When we are stressed we tend to keep focusing on the things that makes us stressed, we make it worse for ourselves. Focus on something you are grateful for.



You are here to achieve something important to you. When something overwhelms you, remember who you are as a person and remember the bigger picture of what you will achieve.



Sounds silly, but if you want to lift your mood…It’s also contegious, so  smile as big as you can.



As we strive for big things, it’s important to understand that life happens.  Keep your eye on the prize, but introduce flexibility to your mindset so that if something happens that stops you from achieving what you want, you can then keep going in your pursuit of excellence!


Clearning statements are sentences you tell yourself with the intention of interrupting negative thoughts and refocusing yourself on your task at hand. When said with conviction, they are powerful.

– The reason why I’m standing here is because I earned it.
– I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again.



Download the Legendary Networking Skills Workbook

Your Network Is Your Net Worth


The Overview of what to do to develop your networking skills…

Tip 1: Enhance your networking skills and all communication with a giving philosophy.

Tip 2: Reframe your story – be relevant and interesting when they ask you ‘what do you do’?

Tip 3: Engage in Chit-Chat, but don’t get stuck in Chit-Chat.

Tip 4: Ask good questions to understand what they are doing, why they love it and what problems they need to overcome.

Tip 5: Offer advice or see if you can connect them with someone you know that can help them resolve their problems.

Tip 6: Ask for their business card.

Tip 7: The next day, write a follow up email, invite them to the next networking event.

Tip 8: Go to the next networking event, say hello to the people you met previously. Meet new people, and repeat steps 1 to 8.

Tip 9: Evolve into a Networking Ninja.


Networking Skills will help you Connect and influence more powerful people…


Tell Your Story


What is important when telling your story?

All good communication starts with your ability to spark someone’s interest in what you do. At first contact, people only really care about how your work relates to them.

The key:  Think less about you and more about them.

By positioning yourself as a valuable and interesting person, you can start to have a more substantial influence within your community.

This is an important step in being understood so that you can position yourself as valuable.

So, by understanding how to position yourself as valuable within your community, you can begin to positively influence people.


Get a new perspective…


Areas of focus:

• How to get someone interested in what you do

• How to tell a better story about yourself that is relevant for who you are talking to

• How to talk to people who make you nervous

• How to position yourself as valuable in the community

• Knowing good questions to ask and how to keep a conversation going

• Techniques for overcoming nervousness, fear and social anxiety so you can crush it