Sometimes success is 3% brains
and 97% not getting distracted by the internet.





It’s as easy as…

Reach Your Audience

Create a strong and cost effective content marketing strategy leveraging videos, blogs, and social media posts. Entice your customer by providing value and pro-actively solving their problems in a way that steps them to the sale.

Position on Google

When was the last time you clicked on page 2 of Google? If you’re not on page 1, you don’t exist to your customer.

Uncover hidden gems in Google and outflank your competition.

Convert to Sales

When someone lands on your website, they might not be ready to buy right now. What steps do you have in place to help your customer make good decisions and minimise post purchase dissonance (negative feelings after purchase)?

Bridget Woods from Townsville Enterprise celebrating success with Paul from Finn Consulting Australia.

“For anyone who wants to find creative approaches to marketing and engage audiences to achieve outstanding results, we recommend discussing your ideas with Finn Consulting Australia.”

Bridget Woods – Director Tourism and Events
Townsville Enterprise

Creative Ideas at a National Level


Townsville Enterprise worked with Finn Consulting Australia to deliver a new destination commercial to attract people to the North Queensland Region. It was launched in February 2017, and this advertisement was used to lead the national advertising campaign for Townsville.

This was a collaborative project which involved stakeholders from the tourism, corporate, creative industries and events sectors. The brief was to bring together the stunning landscape, reposition Townsville as an event city and create a story that connects everything together in an engaging way. Finn Consulting Australia worked with Townsville Enterprise to create and deliver a creative advertisement that was able to achieve the desired outcome for all stakeholders involved.

The stakeholders included Red Bull Holden Racing Team, Johnathan Thurston, North Queensland Cowboys, Texas Longhorn Wagon Tours and Safaris, Professional Bull Riding Australia, Townsville Fashion Festival, Australia Festival of Chamber Music, Dancenorth, Townsville Yacht Club, Townsville Enterprise, Townsville City Council, Hinchinbrook Shire Council, Charters Towers Regional Council and The Burdekin Shire Council.

Special mention to Natasha Mulhall Photography, Bluekino and Borys Zagrocki from Extreme Bicycle Stunts for all of the hard work and dedication to our project.


This is Paul.

He started working in the Music Industry in 2008. After working every possible job the industry has to offer, except for cleaning the toilets, he decided learning from Rock Stars was awesome. He’d write a book about his experiences if he thought anyone would believe it.

All this came to an end in 2014 when it became obvious that there are other powerful ways to have a more positive impact. Paul took the lessons he learned from the Music Industry and successfully applied them to marketing campaigns for Government, Small Business and Entrepreneurs.

Working from South East Queensland Australia, Paul says that creating campaigns that influence hundreds of thousands of people is the most fun anyone can have by themselves.

Marketing 101: For Small Business and Entreprenuers

Free tutorial and Hack Book show you the 3 main areas to focus on to
double and triple your marketing results


When doubling and tripling your marketing results, there are 3 areas to focus on.

  1. Understand what your customer really wants.
  2. Niche in a niche: In your total market, which of your customers are the most likely-to-buy? 
  3. Create structures to help step your potential customers into sales.

Download the Hack Book to help you do this quickly. When you apply all of your marketing efforts into these 3 areas, doubling and tripling your results is inevitable.


Learn the Art of
Strategic Communication.


Who is your Marketing Coach?


The number 1 reason why people stay stuck and don’t progress with their marketing is they don’t know how what to do.

Once you know the exact steps of what to do next, you will crush it!


HACKING VIDEO PRODUCTION: Producing a lot of video content can be time consuming, costly and sometimes difficult. But, it doesn’t have to be at all. What difference would it make if you could focus your efforts to minimise your input and produce 10 to 20 videos?


SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION: People are searching Google to solve their problems.  What key words are you using to strategically position yourself in the digital world?


WEBSITE CONVERSION: There is no point getting 1 million people to your website if zero people buy.  Sometimes, the smallest changes on our website can make the biggest difference.


BE A SOCIAL MEDIA ROCKSTAR:  Do you want to know some simple strategies for producing a lot of diverse content that engages your audience?


NETWORK LIKE A BOSS:  Your ability to connect and influence people is crucial to the success of your business.  Everything you say and don’t say gives off a vibe… There are simple things you can do to position yourself as someone people want to know.


GIVE POWERFUL PRESENTATIONS: Even if you have the best content in the world, or talk about the most popular topic on the internet, your presentation will bomb out if you aren’t confident and relaxed. Overcoming stage fright is not easy, but with a few simple strategies you can handle standing in front of thousands of people and deliver your presentation powerfully.



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What do you need?


Focus: The little things make the biggest difference…


Be Brave. Be Yourself.

What do you really want to achieve and how far are you willing to go to achieve it?  Sometimes it will be uncomfortable for you, but if you’re willing to do whatever it takes, you will achieve your goals.


Craft your message to hit your competitor’s blind spot.

If you try to compete with businesses that are stronger then you, you will be defeated every time.  So this means you need to focus on your customer, understand where they are not being serviced and areas they want more value.  This area is known as your competition’s blind spot.

Craft your message to fill this gap.

Develop Confidence through Discomfort.

It’s not easy, but when you face rejection and push yourself through it you will grow.  Like going to the gym, the more you push yourself against the resistance the more you will grow.  Step outside your comfort zone and give it your best!

How much are you worth in 25 words or less?

This exercise helps you by focusing on how you create value for others.  Most of the time, the reason why someone doesn’t buy from you is because they don’t understand the value you offer them.

By making it clear, short and to the point, you can quickly position yourself as valuable and increase your sells ratios.


What do people say?


Michael Chugg from Chugg Entertainment having a laugh with Paul from Finn Consulting Australia

“In the past, I’ve spent thousands of dollars on marketing without any decent results, it was very frustrating. When launching my new coffee workshops, Paul gave me simple cost cutting strategies that delivered me exceptional results!

Jonathan Whitfield – Small Business Owner
Coffee Dominion

Michael Chugg from Chugg Entertainment having a laugh with Paul from Finn Consulting Australia

“I knew I had an amazing product, but had no idea how to do the marketing for it. Being able to get on the phone with Paul is the best investment I can make into my business. It means I don’t have to think about marketing, I just do what he says and it works.”

Ryan Baker – Entrepreneur
Breaking Through – Retreats Byron Bay

I wish I spoke to you before I wasted a week trying to write the copy for my website and Facebook Ads. In the space of only 1 hour, your advice got me to focus on what my clients are thinking, and identified explicit steps I need to take to overcome their doubts and the type of language I can use.

I understood more about my clients problems, how I fix them, how I can add more value and raise prices, and how to integrate it into emotive storytelling that converts more sales.”

Jeremy Goldberg – Entrepreneur / Writer
Long Distance Love Bombs

Michael Chugg from Chugg Entertainment having a laugh with Paul from Finn Consulting Australia

“The creative ideas in this new destination commercial is exactly what Townsville needs to promote the city to the world in an interesting way, well done Paul and everyone involved.”

Michael Chugg – The Man of Rock n Roll
Chugg Entertainment

I’ve achieved more in one month then I did in the last six months working on my own. I struggled to transform my idea from words on paper to a tangible product, until you gave me the exact steps required to be a success. You focus me on the most important steps so that I can get it done.”

Leisa Quagliata – Behavioural Finance Specialist
Sempre Financial




Living the good life…




Marketing Strategy

Do you have a great product but not sure how to communicate with your audience in a really engaging way? Without a road map, you might be going in the wrong direction. A good strategy helps you make better decisions and focus how you spend your resources.

Advice and Workshops

Do you have a pretty good idea about what you are doing but just need some creative advice? Generating new ideas and creatively solving problems becomes easier when you talk with someone else with different perspectives, experiences and knowledge.


A clear and easy to use website sits at the core of any digital campaign. The size and complexity of your website depends on your users needs and what they are looking for. Any communication must be to the point and simple.



Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is how people find you when searching online. This about understanding your niche, the types of information people are looking for in relation to your business and keywords they use when searching.


Video is a powerful way to connect and engage an audience. However it is not what you do but how you do it. Being clear about your goals and understanding your target audience will determine the storyboard, script, visuals, music and overall vibe.


Social Media an important way to engage audiences. However, social media has become very busy and noisy. Platforms like Facebook restrict reach for any content that is not engaging but supports you when you create awesome content, meaning quality over quantity.



Every word you use must leading a prospect to a destination. Each word is an ingredient and changes the flavour of your message. A great copywriter understands the art and science of words and uses them to inspire people on a journey.



Beauty is in the eye of the beholder… A great photographer is able to show beauty and tell a story with nothing more than a click. They can shift your perspective and stir your emotions in a way that enhances your message.

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