Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci  


The fastest way to reach and engage larger audiences is to ask someone who knows how to do it.



1.3 Million +

760,000 +

80,000 +

30,000 +
Bridget Woods from Townsville Enterprise celebrating success with Paul from Finn Consulting Australia.

“For anyone who wants to find creative approaches to marketing and engage audiences to achieve outstanding results, we recommend discussing your ideas with Finn Consulting Australia.”

Bridget Woods – Director Tourism and Events
Townsville Enterprise

What do you need?


Align with your customer on Google and Youtube, through Organic and Paid Advertising strategies.


Create Content your customers want to share and engage with, this is a combination of blogs, videos and simple strategies.


Engage and be social.  Too often businesses try talking AT customers, instead of developing relationships.


Your brand is your story and stories sell.  Design makes it easier for people to buy. So, improve your story and design.


This is a focus on conversions, higher conversions are a result of optimising your customer journey and life cycle.


Each element mentioned is vital, all extensions of the same thing. You will compound your results by improving all.

Let’s get real for a second.

It is the IDEAS that sit behind the marketing campaign that enable success.

It isn’t enough to simply advertising online and tell your customers to go to your website. This is an over simplified way of thinking about marketing.

There is an art and science to engaging and converting customers, and best of all it is teachable.

The art is knowing how to engage your customer’s emotions and identity, the science is knowing the steps they want to take and making those steps as easy as possible.

Controlled experiments and tracking software shows you where to adjust and refine your process to better serve your customer. If you do this part well, you will go viral, it’s inevitable.

Paul Finn

The Business Growth Model

This is important, this is how I get results.

Take a look at the elements that are required to create sustainable business growth.

By focusing in on tightening budgets, installing the right tracking software, enhancing the user experience and optimising the conversion rates, we can create an ecosystem where viral content is more likely to occur.

By running multiple controlled experiments and monitoring behaviour responses, while becoming efficient through automation, you will be in a strategic position to capitalise on viral content.

Creating Viral Content with Johnathan Thurston

Townsville Enterprise worked with Finn Consulting Australia to deliver a new destination commercial to attract people to the North Queensland Region. It was launched in February 2017, and this advertisement was used to lead the national advertising campaign for Townsville.

Finn Consulting Australia created a story that highlighted the strengths of the Townsville region in a way that engaged a national audience. Finn Consulting Australia worked with Johnathan ThurstonNorth Queensland Cowboys, Red Bull Holden Racing Team,Professional Bull Riding Australia, Australia Festival of Chamber Music, Townsville Enterprise, Townsville City Council, Texas Longhorn Wagon Tours and Safaris, Townsville Fashion Festival, Dancenorth, Townsville Yacht Club, Hinchinbrook Shire Council, Charters Towers Regional Council and The Burdekin Shire Council.


What people say

Michael Chugg from Chugg Entertainment having a laugh with Paul from Finn Consulting Australia

“In the past, I’ve spent thousands of dollars on marketing without any decent results, it was very frustrating. When launching my new coffee workshops, Paul gave me simple cost cutting strategies that saved me a lot of money and time!

Jonathan Whitfield – Small Business Owner, Coffee Dominion


Michael Chugg from Chugg Entertainment having a laugh with Paul from Finn Consulting Australia

“Paul is genuine, hard working and thoughtful, he’s a good person to have on your team. He is very good with words, designing video promotions and understanding what the customer wants. ”

Dean Parker – Managing Director, Your Style Homes


Michael Chugg from Chugg Entertainment having a laugh with Paul from Finn Consulting Australia

“We have worked with Paul before and we are confident that he demonstrates reliability, creative thinking and valuable insights that apply to more sustainable business locally and nationally.

Carl Gardiner – Managing Director, Mushroom Marketing

Michael Chugg from Chugg Entertainment having a laugh with Paul from Finn Consulting Australia

“I knew I had an amazing product, but had no idea how to do the marketing for it. Being able to get on the phone with Paul is the best investment I can make into my business. It means I don’t have to think about marketing, I just do what he says and it works.”

Ryan Baker – Entrepreneur / Coach, Breaking Through Challenges

Michael Chugg from Chugg Entertainment having a laugh with Paul from Finn Consulting Australia

“Confident professionals and experienced public speakers can also gain from Paul’s insight. He has a way of reminding everyone of their inherent capabilities and encapsulating the basics of communication into a practical approach that is applicable to all circumstances. We can all benefit from effectively combining our developed experience and ambitious goals into a concise and executable message to share at our discretion. In that sense Paul can help you maximize your existing potential and encourage you to transform your networking expertise into a true art form that will bring your game to a whole new and exciting level.

Alvaro Berg Soto – James Cook University, School of Earth and Environmental Science

Michael Chugg from Chugg Entertainment having a laugh with Paul from Finn Consulting Australia

Paul helped me develop a confidence that I have rarely (if ever) experienced before, and I’ve seen a major shift in my abilities to present seminars and communicate confidently. He showed me how I can overcome anxiety, so that it doesn’t inhibit me from communicating. He showed me how to squash my fear of public speaking and I have definitely seen a dramatic improvement. His insights have given me a massive boost in my confidence and help me communicate a particular message when I need to.”

Kristy Potgieter – James Cook University, Biological, Marine & Environmental Sciences

I wish I spoke to you before I wasted a week trying to write the copy for my website and Facebook Ads. In the space of only 1 hour, your advice got me to focus on what my clients are thinking, and identified explicit steps I need to take to overcome their doubts and the type of language I can use.

I understood more about my clients problems, how I fix them, how I can add more value and raise prices, and how to integrate it into emotive storytelling that converts more sales.”

Jeremy Goldberg – Entrepreneur / Writer, Long Distance Love Bombs

Michael Chugg from Chugg Entertainment having a laugh with Paul from Finn Consulting Australia

“The creative ideas in this new destination commercial is exactly what Townsville needs to promote the city to the world in an interesting way, well done Paul and everyone involved.”

Michael Chugg – The Man of Rock n Roll, Chugg Entertainment

I’ve achieved more in one month then I did in the last six months working on my own. I struggled to transform my idea from words on paper to a tangible product, until you gave me the exact steps required to be a success. You focus me on the most important steps so that I can get it done.”

Leisa Quagliata – Behavioural Finance Specialist, Sempre Financial

Paul took control of advertising on Facebook, Google, radio and TV.  He worked well with our sales team and generated better results for our business.”

Paul Lowis – Managing Director, Garage World Townsville